Ms. Grayling- She is the headmistress of Malory Towers. She is fair, kind, and sensible.


Ms. Potts- She is the first form mistress, and is also on North Tower's staff. Strict-but good humoured, she is called 'Potty' behind her back, except on the last day of term, where it is shouted at her face.

Ms. Parker- The second-form mistress. Called Nosey Parker behind her back. Strict, kind, inquisitive, and occasionally inattentive.

Ms. Peters- The third form mistress. She is a big fan of horses, and helped Thunder (Bill's horse) when he was suffering from sever colic. She, Bill, and a Clarissa become firm friends, even though she never taught Clarissa.

Ms. Williams- The fourth-form mistress. She is 'a bit starchy, very prim and proper' according to Darrell.

Ms. James- She is the fifth-form mistress, friendly, and easy-going, but known for explosive outbursts when she loses her temper. She is nicknamed 'Jimmy' when she is nice, and James when she isn't.

Ms. Oaks- She is the sixth-form mistress, nicknamed Oakey. She is very scholarly, kind natured, but unfortunately for the girls lacks a sense of humour.


Mam'zelle Dupont- One of two French mistresses. She is very likable and friendly, extremely gullible, which cause the girls to play tricks on her the most, but has a temper which is only 'short and hot..' according to Alicia. She is on the North Tower staff.

Mam'zelle Rougier- The other French mistress. She is on the South Tower staff, extremely bad-tempered, and hers 'is a real bad one!' She is not gullible, and she and Mam'zelle Dupont are either staunch friends, enemies, or just acknowledging.


Miss Carton- The history mistress. She is very likable and friendly if you like history. If you don't, then she is very sarcastic.

Miss Maxwell- The sports mistress.

Miss Hibbert- The English mistress. She is ill for most of the fourth book, and is replaced by Miss Tallant. She directed Romeo and Juliet, and is not a avid fan of the film stars, so is scornful of Zerelda Brass's acting. She is also the drama mistress when Darrell is in the third form.

Miss Tallant- Substitute English mistress. DIsliked by the girls.

Miss Lacey- Gwendoline returns as a teacher in the last book. She is the elocution mistress.

Mr Young- The eccentric but likable music teacher. He is frightened by the two Mam'zelles.

Ms Terry- She substituted for Mr Young for one term, though the term was never mentioned.

Ms Linnie- The easy-going, friendly and young art and sewing mistress. She is very popular.

Miss Remmington- the sports mistress

Mr Sutton- The carpentry master. He is only mentioned once, in 'UPPER FOURTH AT MALORY TOWERS,' where it is mentioned that only Bil goes fro caroentry, with the first and second formers.

Miss Greening- The drama elocution mistress

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