Malory Towers is an Enid Blyton series written between 1946-1951. It shows the exploits of Darrell Rivers, a new student in the first book.

There are nine books, six written by Enid Blyton, and these six show Darrell's years. The last three are written by Pamela Cox, and show Felicicty's, Darrell's sister, final three years.

The books are:

First Term at Malory Towers

Second Form at Malory Towers

Third Year at Malory Towers

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

In the Fifth at Malory Towers

Last Term at Malory Towers.

Pamela Cox has written six sequels:

New Term at Malory Towers

Summer Term at Malory Towers

Winter Term at Malory Towers

Fun and Games at Malory Towers

Secrets at Malory Towers

Goodbye Malory Towers

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